The Torino Collection

Here at Sherman Brothers Shoes, you’ll be able to find not only footwear made from the top brands that are of the highest quality, but also belts and other accessories. We have Torino belts for sale and other brand products including magnetic money clips, bracelets, wallets, and more, all of which are made from genuine fine leather.

If you’re searching for a best-selling exotic belt to complete your outfit or a beautiful new wallet for a loved one, our Torino collection is sure to have what you’re looking for. The belts in this collection will be sure to amaze you with their comfort, style, and durability. You may never look for another brand, or even another belt again when you choose to go Torino.

History of Torino

Torino originated 45 years ago in New Orleans. The business was built by supplying high-quality leather and exotic skin belts to fine menswear specialty stores.

Over the years, Torino grew and became the authority on handcrafted leather and exotic belts in the United States. Torino's particular specialty is working with genuine American alligator. During the early 1970's, wild alligators were hunted to near extinction. As a result, they were placed on the "endangered species" list by state and federal wildlife officials. Torino supported the conservation efforts that were enacted to bring the alligator back. Today, over 2,000,000 American alligators exist in the wild and they are no longer considered endangered. Hunting of the wild American alligator is strictly regulated by wildlife officials allowing only a two week season in September each year.

Hurricane Katrina

On August 29, 2005, Torino fell victim of Hurricane Katrina. The entire facility flooded, and everything was destroyed. Torino reopened on January 1, 2006, in a new facility in New Orleans with only five employees and began the slow process of rebuilding. Since that time, Torino’s business has grown steadily thanks to the support of its loyal customers and the hard work of its longtime and valued employees.

Torino’s talented artisans and craftspeople take great pride in the products they produce. Most have worked for the company for many years and have contributed in a major way to our success and growth. Torino is committed to its mission of being the superior brand of American luxury leather goods.

Leathers Used by the Torino Leather Company

  1. American Alligator - The American alligator skins used by this company are known for their consistently high-quality and exotic appearance. During the late 1960’s, these beautiful animals were hunted nearly to extinction, but they have rebounded through extensive conservation efforts. Now, strict enforcement efforts and laws control the number of American alligators harvested each year.
  2. African Elephant - Leather by the African elephant is very rare. It’s only used when the animal dies of natural causes or has become a danger to the population. This makes African elephant leather by Torino one of the most exotic products available throughout the world.

We invite you to take a look around at our Torino belts that are for sale. Exotic, stylish, and durable leathers are used to make them, which will probably make you wonder what you ever did without them. To learn more about our Torino products, contact us at 877-337-4637.