Commando Soles

Commando Soles




                                                     We're going Commando!

We have partnered with Alden to offer some custom style boots and shoes with the famous Commando sole. We also offer Alden's complete stock program of products with this feature.

So what is a Commando sole?

A Commando sole if first and foremost functional. The rubber lugs add traction, durability and add a waterproof element to the bottoms of your boots and shoes.

Perhaps even more important to some, the Commando sole is....Cool! This great looking bottom makes a dressier shoe hipper giving the boot a certain gravitas or more street cred!

Dress it up or dress it down. Don't be afraid to wear your Dutton Oxfords  in inclement weather. Take your Indy boot off-road. Dare to wear your Navy Hi Shell Cordovan Boot in the rain?

Check out our collection of Alden shoes and boots with the Commando sole!