G. Brown

G. Brown


At G. Brown shoes we have taken our passion for quality and craftsmanship and developed a line of shoes our clients will be proud to wear.

With over 30 years in the high-end shoe market we felt it was time to put our insight and know how to work for our clients. We realized many shoes costing upwards of a thousand dollars were being bought for their name only. They looked good, no doubt about it, but when you looked closely, they came up short in their craftsmanship and quality. Our clients are professionals that want a shoe that is well-built, stylish, timeless and affordable. To achieve our goal of producing shoes we and our clients can be proud of and approve of, we have our own inhouse teams of experienced craftsmen at our two facilities in Hamilton, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania. From the selection of materials, to all the finishing work, leather dying process to final construction, packing, inspection and shipping.

At G. Brown, we believe shoes should be able to go from day to night. From weekday to weekend. And from dress to casual. Most importantly that they are comfortable, well-constructed, handsome and above all, affordable.

We are excited about the future and what our team at G. Brown shoes is creating.

G Brown is an American brand focused on quality craftsmanship in the construction of their shoes. Their line of footwear is designed to combine impeccable construction with outstanding comfort. Their team of artisans put incredible attention to detail in every step of the shoemaking process. When you buy a pair of G Brown shoes, you are getting more than just a pair of gorgeous shoes, you are buying expertly crafted footwear that will provide unrivaled comfort for years to come.