How to Choose Your Belt Like a Pro

How to Choose Your Belt Like a Pro

Nov 26th 2016

Even though many people think that belts are an accessory that’s overlooked by most, that’s actually not the case. In fact, the belt you're wearing can make or break your outfit. At Sherman Brothers Shoes, we sell a wide variety of shoes and belts for men and women. On our website, you’ll find high-quality and durable products designed to appeal to almost everyone. We have Alden shoes for sale as well as tons of classic belts.

Let’s get back to belts, though. How can you choose your belt like a pro without looking like an amateur? We’ll tell you how. With a few steps, you’ll be able to find the best belt in no time. Here’s how to choose your next belt like a pro:

  1. Make sure your pants and belt match the occasion - A good, high-quality belt can be used for many different types of events and occasions, but make sure they match up properly. For example, you wouldn’t wear cargo shorts to a wedding reception, would you? Like pants, you’ll also need a classier belt for the occasion. We believe that it’s best to go with narrow belts for dress pants and wider belts for cargo pants and shorts.
  2. Choose a belt and shoes with the same color and material- Maybe you never thought about it before, but it’s always a good idea to color-coordinate your belt and shoes. If you’re wearing black shoes, go with a black belt. If you’re wearing brown shoes, go with a brown belt, and so on. Similarly, it’s wise to choose a suede belt to go with you suede shoes; a lizard one to wear with your new lizard shoes. Also, black belts are neutral, and so they can be worn with other shoe colors.
  3. Choose your belt buckle wisely - Similar to the size of your belt, the size of your belt buckle is also important for the event. In other words, as your belt buckle increases in size, it also decreases in formality.

We provide many belt options. Some of our vendors, Alden, Mezlan, Johnston & Murphy and others offer specific belts to match shoes in their lines. We try to show a matching belt for each shoe. Feel free to call our customer service representatives if you would like some help in finding the right belt to match your shoes!

We hope this helps you choose the belt that’s right for you, your outfit, and the next event you’re attending. We sell Torino exotic belts and much more. We also have Brand Specific Belts from which you can browse. To learn more about choosing the right belt, contact us at 1-877-337-4637.