Since 1884, The Alden Shoe Company has designed and manufactured classic gentlemen's footwear that represent America's nearly lost tradition of custom shoemaking at its finest.  Alden's footwear is handworked from the richest textured and deepest colored leathers, representing a century-old tradition of craftsmanship.

Sherman Brothers offers a wide range of Alden shoes and classic boots for Dress, Dress Casual and Casual wear.

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Buffalo Jackson

Classic American Footwear Designed for the Authentic Gentleman - Honor Your Wild

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Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy has made shoes for every U.S. president since Millard Fillmore, earning a reputation for fine materials, meticulous craftsmanship and enduring comfort.

Founded in 1850 by an English shoemaker who had immigrated to the US, Johnston & Murphy couples old world shoemaking techniques with new world style and comfort.

Today, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Johnston & Murphy is one of the few companies in the world that makes a line of shoes entirely by hand.

Sherman Brothers offers a wide range of Johnston Murphy Dress Shoes & Casual Shoes.

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The Mezlan family began its legacy in footwear making saddles for generations of European aristocrats. With a reputation for fine workmanship and superior craftsmanship, the Mezlan name became regarded as one of the finest in the world.

Over time, Mezlan increased their production capabilities, transforming from a custom shop to a cottage industry, to a small manufacturer. As always, the focus was on making beautiful footwear with the original master touch of quality and craftsmanship.  To this day, the Mezlan family remains the author of brilliant shoes and accessories made all better by rich and interesting history.

Sherman Brothers offers the full collection of Mezlan shoes. From fine calfskins to exotics, the Mezlan shoe collection combines quality with unique design.

Bacco Bucci is Mezlan's sibling brand.

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The essence of the Santoni shoe, as with all fine fashion, can be found in it's shape. "Learning the shape" is the first step in the long rise from apprentice to master shoemaker.

The leather used to make a Santoni shoe is crucial to it's ultimate success. Andrea Santoni, founder and owner of Santoni, personally selects the leather each day - equipped only with a lens, his hands and a lifetime of experience. All of the components of a fine shoe are applied manually with tremendous attention to detail.

Sherman Brothers offers a wide range of Santoni Shoes, from comfort loafers in butter-soft leather to formal dress shoes.  In some cases we offer very unique Santoni shoes with limited sizes available.

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Torino originated 45 years ago in New Orleans. It's business was built by supplying high quality leather and exotic skin belts to fine menswear specialty stores.

Over the years, Torino grew and became the authority on handcrafted leather and exotic belts in the U.S.A. Torino's particular specialty is working with genuine American alligator. During the early 1970's, wild alligators were hunted to near extinction. As a result, they were placed on the "endangered species" list by state and federal wildlife officials. Torino supported the conservation efforts that were enacted to bring the alligator back. Today over 2,000,000 American alligators exist in the wild and they are no longer considered endangered. Hunting of the wild American alligator is strictly regulated by wildlife officials allowing only a two week season in September each year.

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