G. Brown O.S. #826 Suede Sneaker Ice w/ Black Line
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G. Brown O.S. #826 Suede Sneaker Ice w/ Black Line

O.S. 826
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A look from the 1920’s, the O.S. offers a new and fresh version of an older sneaker that would fit right in with your wardrobe. O.S. is short for “old school,” as the sole is lined with navy blue piping. It’s “old school” yet urban vibe pairs well with denim, slacks, and even workday suits. The sneaker provides your apparel with a unique pop factor, one that will have people noticing your shoes.

Every step in the process is through the lens of details matter. That is our mission statement. It’s not enough to make a shoe that is handsome and stylish. We are focused on creating shoes that are smart, timeless and well detailed. Where we are different is our attention to the fit, the function and the finishing of the shoe. We believe what you don’t see is just as important as what you do see. We select classic silhouettes and reimagine them with a sleeker more contemporary feel. We couple that with our shoe construction which is bar none and designed for long-lasting comfort. The cornerstone of the G. Brown shoe line is our exclusive use of aniline leather, renowned for its luxurious feel, suppleness and ability to hold and retain its color. Finally, with a lifetime’s worth of expertise, our master craftsmen hand-color and hand-finish all of our shoes at our two locations in Hamilton, New Jersey, and New Hope, Pennsylvania. At G. Brown shoes we create shoes that are handsome, stylish, extremely comfortable and approachable.

Our shoes are made of aniline leather. Care begins with removing any dirt using a soft cloth, followed by a leather wax to nourish and protect the leather. Then rub vigorously with the polishing glove to restore the leather’s original luster.

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