The name OluKai is formed from two Hawaiian words; Olu, which means comfort, and Kai, which means ocean.  The brand is committed to creating footwear of quality, balance, and craftsmanship. When you purchase for sale OluKai products, you can be sure that the footwear is everything you believe its island-inspired lifestyle represents.

OluKai believes everyone; no matter where in the world they are, can live “Aloha.” OluKai’s Aloha campaign proves that though Aloha was born in Hawaii, it is a spirit and not bound by geography. Aloha is one way to unlock the spirit in all of us. Each pair of OluKai shoes and sandals feature beautiful, quality materials and handcrafted details inspired by island culture. OluKai is committed to building products for sale that blend ocean heritage and modern performance while leaving the smallest footprint possible on the planet. In every facet of its business, OluKai is committed to selling shoes and sandals that respect the people and the environment it touches.

The Hawaiian inspired footwear from OluKai features unique boots, sandals casual and lace up shoes for sale for both men and women. This fall season, we traveled off the beaten path seeking inspiration from the back country of the islands. Our designs represent the diverse beauty of the rugged lands to bring to the consumer products for sale that are raw yet refined for today’s casual lifestyle. Come try these unique shoes. We think you will find that OluKai will fit your footwear needs no matter what you do or where you live. From sandals to boots, OluKai has the product for you!

Specializing in island fashion, OluKai shoes are designed for men and women to look classy and feel comfortable. The brand’s casual shoes for men feature high-quality leather and canvas, particularly useful in the hawaiian forests which feature widely varied terrain. These handcrafted designs guarantee support with anatomically contoured footbeds while providing style and comfort. With more than two dozen options to choose from, OluKai has something for nearly anyone.

OluKai’s sneakers run the gamut from sporty to casual, with footwear designed for athletes and for stylish dressers. The shoemaker’s dress shoes are even more eye-catching, accenting the stitching in tans and light browns rather than the standard black. Their leather walking shoes sport effortless style, exuding their raw aesthetic through unfinished leather and canvas. OluKai’s leather boots are built for the terrain of the hawaiian islands, keeping them comfortable in warm weather and offering traction on sand, stone and woodland areas.

Many of OluKai’s footwear is vegan-friendly, with products that are not sourced in any way from animal products. These cruelty-free products not only make your heart feel good, but your feet as well.

Each of our OluKai shoes for sale are affordably priced and hand-picked for their quality and style. View each of our categories for OluKai shoes and pick the ones that you like best.

For questions about our OluKai shoes for sale or any of our other products please contact us by email or by calling us toll free at 1-877-337-4637.