Highlighting Top Shoe Brands: Part 1 - Santoni, Alden, and Mezlan

Highlighting Top Shoe Brands: Part 1 - Santoni, Alden, and Mezlan

Nov 26th 2016

If you’re looking for some of the top shoe brands that will also fit your style and budget, we have you covered at Sherman Brothers Shoes. We’re a shoe company located in Center City Philadelphia that has been serving the footwear needs of our customers since 1953. In our stores and on our website, you’ll find shoes that will fit you and are made with quality construction designed to last.

Since we sell some of the top shoe brands found across the United States and even parts of the world, we’re going to pick three of those brands and tell you what makes them so great. Here’s part one of our blog series highlighting some of the world’s top shoe brands. This one is about Santoni, Alden and Mezlan:

  1. Santoni - Santoni shoes, which we have for sale at Sherman Brothers Shoes, are some of the most sought-after pieces of footwear in the world. The essence of this shoe can be found in its shape because many believe that “learning the shape” is the first step to becoming a master shoemaker. One of the elements for Santoni’s ultimate success is the leather used to make their shoes, which is personally selected every day by their founder and owner Andrea Santoni.
  2. Alden - The Alden Shoe Company has been designing and manufacturing classic gentlemen’s footwear since 1884. Their shoes are made to represent the nearly lost tradition of custom shoemaking at its finest. At Sherman Brothers Shoes, we have a broad range of Alden shoes for sale, including classic boots, dress wear and casual wear.
  3. Mezlan - The Mezlan shoe brand began its legacy by creating saddles for European aristocrats. Because of their superior craftsmanship and excellent workmanship, they became regarded as one of the finest brands in the world. This company focuses on making beautiful footwear by using a touch of quality and craftsmanship. We have a full collection of Mezlan shoes for sale, which combines a unique design with quality.

That was part one of our series about highlighting the top brands of shoes in the world. We sell only the highest-quality shoes at this company that will also meet your quality standards and your budget. To learn more about these top brands, contact us at 877-337-4637.