Best Types of Shoes for the Fall 2016 Season

Best Types of Shoes for the Fall 2016 Season

Nov 26th 2016

Whether you’re dreading it or are excited about it, you can’t stop fall from quickly approaching. If you’re one of those people who hates the cold weather and the coming of winter, we have the solution that can help you feel better about this season. Or if you’re one of those people who loves crunchy leaves, hayrides, and pumpkin flavored everything, we also have the perfect complement to this season.

At Sherman Brothers Shoes, we sell shoes of all kinds. We have a broad selection for different lifestyles and numerous brands that are built with quality and comfort. Although most shoes are good for all times of the year, certain ones work better for fall. Here is our selection for some of the best types of shoes for the fall 2016 season:

Chelsea Boots - The weather may be getting colder, but your style should be heating up. Chelsea Boots are some of the hottest styles around at the moment, and they’re popular with both men and women. Men can choose Warren Waterproof Chelsea boots, which are crafted in sleek, waterproof leather to protect your feet from autumn rainstorms. Women can find the Chelsea Riding Boots on our website, which are must-haves for cooler weather. There are also many other kinds of Chelsea Boots to choose from.

Wolverine brand - The Wolverine brand makes strong and sturdy shoes for men and women that are suitable for the cold and wet weather. They’re perfect for fall because as the season changes, so does the weather. One of the options for Wolverine is the DuraShocks Waterproof Insulated Boot, which almost makes you feel warmer by just hearing the name.

Oxfords - Oxfords are a comfortable and stylish men’s shoe that can be worn with almost anything. They’ll keep your feet warm throughout the fall, as they offer you superior comfort and keep your whole ensemble looking polished. We have a myriad of Oxfords styles, from the casual Jennings wing tip Oxford by Johnston & Murphy to the Alden Shell Cordovan Oxfords for Dress.

You can find these boots and shoes by using the search bar on our website, or you can browse through our brands to find something else. To learn more about fall footwear, contact Sherman Brothers Shoes at 877-337-4637.