A Brief History of Sherman Brothers Shoes

A Brief History of Sherman Brothers Shoes

Nov 26th 2016

If you look at Sherman Brothers Shoes now, you’ll see a high-end shoe store with multiple locations, including center city Philadelphia, and an online store where anyone can find the footwear of their choice. But it hasn’t always been this way. In fact, Sherman Brothers Shoes is a company with humble beginnings.

How it all began in the 1950’s

Sherman Brothers Inc. was founded in 1953 by Herbert and Edwin Sherman when their father Benjamin gave them a $5,000 loan. They began by selling footwear from a small store on Mole Street located in center city Philadelphia. To get the footwear, the brothers would remove the back seat from their car and drive seven hours to visit the shoe factories that existed in New England in the 1950’s. They would return with a car full of canceled and discontinued shoes from factories including Alden, Bates, E.T. Wright, Walkover, and more. They found out that most of those shoes were hard to fit sizes, so they became the go-to store for men who had hard to fit shoe sizes.

When their younger brother Martin turned 12, he began to help out at the store. He started by cleaning and stocking shelves and eventually began selling on the sales floor. He went on to become the third “Sherman Brother.”

Growing in the 1960’s

During the 1960’s, the Sherman Brothers gained a reputation as the finest men’s shoe store in Philadelphia. They had seven salesmen on the sale floor with clients that included athletes, entertainers, mayors, councilmen, and more. They just continued to grow.

More growth throughout the 1970’s and the 1980’s

The Sherman Brothers opened their first branch store in Quakertown, PA, in 1972. Ten years later, a third store opened in Rosemont, PA. In the late 1970’s Herb’s son Kenneth and Martin’s son Jeffrey joined the company. Like their fathers, they learned the business from the ground up. The Sherman Brothers Shoes website and online store was launched in 2002. The first month they sold five pairs of shoes. Now they sell thousands of shoes a year including Mezlan exotic shoes.

To learn more about the wide selection of products at Sherman Brothers Shoes, including Alden shoes for sale, call 877-337-4637.