4 Types of Shoes You Shouldn’t Wear to a Job Interview

4 Types of Shoes You Shouldn’t Wear to a Job Interview

Feb 7th 2017

Newsflash: Your shoes define you as a person. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it’s true that your shoes will give people a better idea of who you are (or at least what you’re doing at that moment in time). So, if you have a job interview anytime soon, you might be wondering what kind of shoes you should wear.

Well, we have an extensive collection of stylish and comfortable shoes here at Sherman Brothers Shoes, including exotic shoes for sale and more, that you can wear to a job interview. In fact, any of our items would be an excellent choice. But we’re actually here to tell you what shoes you shouldn’t wear to a job interview. And here they are:

  1. Clown shoes - We advise you not to wear clown shoes to a job interview unless you want to be seen as a joke. They’re big, clunky, bright, red, and distracting. You might even step on the interviewer’s feet by accident, and we’re pretty sure that they wouldn’t be too happy about that.
  2. Bunny slippers - It’s also a good idea not to wear bunny slippers to a job interview. Although they’re cute and fluffy, your interviewer could be allergic to rabbits, and even just seeing something related to this furry animal could cause them to burst into a fit of sneezes.
  3. Flip-flops - Now, this is one is a given, but we can’t stress it enough: don’t wear flip-flops to a job interview. Your bare feet could make you cold, which means that you’ll end up shivering and fidgeting throughout the job interview, causing the interviewer to think that you’re nervous.
  4. Muddy boots - Unless you’re going to an interview to be a farmer or construction worker, it’s probably not good idea to wear muddy boots. It shows the interviewer that you’re careless, especially if the rest of your outfit doesn’t match because it’s clean.

Now that you know which shoes you shouldn’t wear to an interview, view our selection here at Sherman Brothers Shoes. We have everything from shell cordovan shoes from the Alden Shoe Company to wing-tip oxfords from Bacco Bucci. To learn more about our different shoe brands, contact us at 866-427-8064.