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Welcome to Sherman Brothers Shoes!

At Sherman Brothers we are shoe people. We have been specializing in men’s shoes for over 60 years and we have the knowledge and the expertise to understand the men’s shoe market better than anyone because we live it. Men’s shoes are in our blood. We carry most of the major name brands in Men’s shoes and for the past 15 years we have been sharing our love of men’s shoes to the on line world. Our on line business is unique because we entered the market as shoe people, not computer geeks. When you shop at Sherman Brothers on line, in addition to seeing the name brand shoes you know, you will also find some name brand factories that will surprise you with their style, quality, durability and comfort. Because we are an independent Men’s shoe retailer, we are able to sell on line brands that we are proud to offer to the public but may not have the big market “names” that everyone knows. Through our experience, we have found that so many of these name brands put their reputation in the quality of their product, not in the marketing of the name.

So enjoy your experience shopping on line at shermanbrothers.com. If you are unsure of a size or a style, just e-mail us and we will be sure to get back to you with the answer. Because we are a family business with over 60 years of experience, there is not a shoe question we have not heard, or a name brand that we are not familiar with which will enable us to help you for all of your footwear needs. And who knows, we just might surprise you with something completely different for that second or third pair of shoes that will become that new favorite name brand unique to your own sense of style simply by shopping on line at shermanbrothers.com .

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