Sherman Brothers Cassity Bison Driver Walnut Tumbled
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Sherman Brothers Cassity Bison Driver Walnut Tumbled

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Our handsewn genuine American Bison bit loafer is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Heel-to-toe leather wrapped memory foam comfort insole with durable rubber outsole will keep you comfortable on all your adventures. We hand-craft our shoes with pride, using durable full-grain leather, which helps to maximize the longevity of the shoe. The labor-intensive process of crafting a handsewn ensures each shoe will keep its shape and maintain its size profile for life. Couple this craftsmanship with our North American bison and elk and all shoes are humdrum by comparison. Bison was recently named America's National Mammal, and we consider bison leather to be one of America's exotic leathers. A true American classic!


  • Genuine handsewn on the construction
  • Crafted with genuine American Bison leather
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Polished nickel bit
  • Leather covered memory comfort cushioned insole
  • Hand-crafted with USA leathers
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