Bacco Bucci

Bacco Bucci

Bacco Bucci Shoes for Sale: Performance Footwear for the Fashionably Inclined

Bacco Bucci shoes are designed and produced in Italy.  First imported to the United States in 1998, this now-classic Italian brand is known for its winning combination of style and fit. Designed for the man whose sense of style is outmeasured only by his love of adventure, Bacco Bucci footwear is the ultimate marriage of comfort and design.

The Mezlan brand (also available for sale at Sherman Brothers) is Bacco Bucci's sibling brand. Bacco Bucci can be described as Mezlan’s casual younger brother, as opposed to Mezlan’s more old-world, gentlemanly and sophisticated flair. Bacco Bucci designs retain the same fine Italian craftsmanship and artisan quality for which Mezlan is known, but whereas Mezlan footwear finds its home in the boardroom, Bacco Bucci thrives on streetwise adventure. Playful, edgy, rugged, denim-friendly and above all leisure-loving: These are the characteristics that each Bacco Bucci shoe exudes.

Bacco Bucci Footwear: Quality, Selection, Comfort.

The unparalleled quality of each Bacco Bucci shoe is apparent at first glance, and becomes only more palpable with each wear. The unique soles, leather and linings result in footwear that only a heritage of Italian craftsmanship can produce. Bacco Bucci soles provide the grip you need for driving through the city, strolling through a hidden-away town or any other spontaneous adventure you can think of. And you’ll never look anything less than stylish while wearing Bacco Bucci on your next adventure: Each shoe is meticulously designed to suit the taste of fashion-conscious gentlemen, and crafted with luxurious calfskin that withstands plenty of wear.
Since Sherman Brothers was founded, we’ve built our reputation on stocking the widest selection of specialty footwear for sale and hard-to-find sizes to be found in the Philadelphia area. That’s why Bacco Bucci has been a must-have at our establishment since the brand was introduced to the United States. Bacco Bucci shoes are made in a range of American sizes from 7 to 17, meaning that there’s no limit to the styles you can embrace from this line. Whether you’re ordering online or shopping in-store at Sherman Brothers, our sales associates can help you find the perfect fit.

And it’s not just fit in which Bacco Bucci’s selection excels, either. Sandals, dress shoes, moccasins, hi-tops, ankle boots, double monk loafers, slip-ons, spectators, sneakers, business casual shoes for men - whatever your stylistic need or preference, Bacco Bucci has it.

Finally, high style doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Most of the Bacco Bucci line of footwear is produced with the XACT insole construction. This techno-orthotic insole will provide you with an adjustable width and comfort control system. The footbed is an anatomically correct insole developed by Bayer Laboratories and allows you to modify the fit of your shoes from day to day. With each wear, your Bacco Bucci shoes will only grow more comfortable, adjusting to the shape of your foot and your gait, so you’ll always feel as good as you look.

Browse our full selection of Bacco Bucci casual and dress shoes for sale online, and find the quality and fit you’re looking for. If you have any questions, call 877-377-4637 or visit one of our retail locations in Philadelphia, Montgomeryville or Haverford.