Apex Shoes For Sale: Superior Foot Care and Comfort

Apex Therapeutic Footcare, a division of Aetrex Worldwide, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest foot health products available on the market today. Apex excels at comfort and therapeutic shoes, to keep your feet strong, healthy and free of pain. Apex products are recognized as the standard in comfort, therapy and protection for the best in medical footcare needs. Designed by a team of doctors and pedorthists, Apex footwear provides superior comfort and protection for those with orthopedic issues such as diabetes, arthritis and other painful foot conditions.

At Sherman Brothers, we stock a full range of Apex shoes for sale because our customers deserve style and comfort in equal measure. From casual shoes for women, to dress shoes for men, to comfortable walking shoes for all of our customers, Apex shoes deliver fully customizable, flexible fit and comfort unparalleled by any other brand of footwear.

Anatomy of an Apex Shoe

Apex shoe designs are anything but ordinary. They draw on the latest innovations in design technology and orthopedic medicine, resulting in footwear that gives the wearer maximum comfort and customization options. You’ll feel secure, protected and comfortable while wearing Apex; in addition, Apex shoes have multiple adjustment options so that no matter your foot condition, you’ll get the perfect fit every time.

Cushioning: Your first defense against foot pain and injury. The removable orthotics and polyurethane outsoles in each Apex shoe provide cushioning and absorb shocks.

Depth: Apex shoes are fitted with multiple removable insoles, creating half an inch of removable depth. Removable insoles allow you to protect your feet and adjust for flexible fitting.

Protection: If you have a foot condition, protection from all sides is essential. Apex shoes are designed with high, wide toe boxes and soft linings that keep your feet secure and free from pain.

Stability: Each Apex shoe is designed for maximum stability and balance with firm heel counters and raised sidewalls.

SmartGrip: This trademarked sole design gives you stability from the ground up.

Fit: Just as the multiple removable insoles give you adjustable depth, you can adjust the fit, as well. No two pair of feet are alike, and when it comes to comfortable shoes for foot conditions, Apex understands that wearers need all the flexibility they can get.

Customization: The final level of customization built into each Apex shoe (which separates this brand from all the rest) is the added EVA insole with Mozaic® Customization Technology. Wearers can customize their shows’ comfort and fit by trimming pressure areas away from the insole; furthermore, the insole can be completely removed for additional depth.

Style and Comfort in a Single Design

Being built for comfort doesn’t mean a shoe can’t be built for style or speed. Apex shoes accommodate both. With dress shoes for men, casual shoes for women and athletic shoes for everyone, you can live your lifestyle in comfort with Apex.
Questions about our selection of Apex shoes for sale? Call Sherman Brothers at 877-377-4637. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect fit for your aesthetic preference and your foot health needs.